MOT CAR/VAN Servicing

Why combine your MOT test and Service?

If your annual MOT test is due and your service schedule indicates that your service interval has been reached and your vehicle needs maintenance, then why not combine the two?

  • Less hassle – Avoid taking your vehicle to both an MOT station and a service centre to have these essential services completed – over 500 M60 Autos centres employ fully trained service technicians and accredited MOT testers, who are equipped to carry out both MOTs and Servicing under one roof so you can get all your essential vehicle maintenance done in one place.
  • Save time – if your MOT and service are due around the same time, we can complete both in a single appointment. Book online and select an MOT and Service date that suits your busy lifestyle. Need a service but your MOT is not yet due? Remember, you can book your MOT test up to 1 month before the due date without losing the existing expiry date.
  • Save money – book your MOT and Service online together and receive your MOT for a fixed price of just £25! That’s a saving of up to 44% on the standard MOT price.

Why do I need MOT and Servicing?

While they may seem similar, an MOT and a Service cover a very different set of checks and are required for quite different reasons. To understand why you need them, it’s important to know what the difference is between an MOT and a vehicle service.

The MOT test is required by UK law for all cars 3 years old or more and must be completed annually. The MOT is a vehicle safety check which follows strict guidelines set out by the DVSA and can only be carried out by accredited MOT testers. An MOT is an inspection only and does not involve replacing any parts.

A vehicle service on the other hand is a car health check, the content of which is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. The main purpose of a service is to keep your car running in the best possible condition and to prolong the life of the vehicle. Car servicing is recommended at regular set intervals to keep your car safe, reliable and in optimal condition. The vehicle manufacturer will usually suggest an interim service approximately every 6 months and an annual service every year.

What is checked during an MOT and Service?

The MOT follows strict DVSA criteria and includes inspections of several key areas of the car including tyres, lights, brakes and emissions to name but a few. Here’s a full list of what’s included in the MOT test.
Your Service will vary based on the type of service you chose. An interim service includes an inspection of vehicle essentials plus an oil and filter change and is ideal for drivers with a high mileage. Our full service includes an extended list of under-the-bonnet checks, a full comprehensive brake check and replacement air filters. We recommend this as an annual service plan for all car owners who are keen to maintain the condition of their vehicle.

What do I need to bring with me?

You should make sure your locking wheel nut key is present so that the vehicle technician can remove the wheels to carry out a brake check as part of your service. Also, if you’d like us to stamp your vehicle log book once your service is completed please remember to bring this with you. (Keeping your service record up to date with a full set of service stamps or a ‘full service history’ can help to increase the value of your vehicle if you decide to sell it).

Your vehicle’s MOT test records are kept in a central database so there’s no need to take along your existing test certificate.

If possible you should also remove items such as dashcams and sat navs from the windscreen which may be blocking your view of the road and remove any child seats in the rear of the car. It’s not essential to remove these but you will receive a minor fault (previously known as an advisory) on your MOT if the rear seat belts cannot be tested due to a child seat being present.

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Fixed Price MOT Test includes a Comprehensive Safety Check